Lead Inspection

All Lead Inspections are preformed by our highly trained, certified inspectors.

The inspection is conducted using a portable XRF Instrument, which is capable of reading to a depth of 3/8 of an inch. Each room in the home or building is tested. All walls, ceilings and one each of the different trim components, doors, windows, baseboards, cabinets in each room. The exterior of the building is also tested. The report is available the same day. This report will tell you if there is lead based paint present and its' location.

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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment consists of XRF testing all deteriorated paint surfaces and friction areas.
Dust and soil samples are taken and sent to an accredited laboratory as needed.

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Clearance Inspection

After any work is performed on a lead paint surface, we take dust samples which are analyzed by an accredited Lab to ensure the areas have been cleaned properly and do not pose a threat.

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Moira, Livermore, CA
Michael Ratti just completed a lead paint inspection on my 1963 Livermore house. He was very professional, completely thorough, and super personable. He explained the process and left me confident that there is no lead paint on my house.
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